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Conference Host -Tilda Whitaker, CEO P4 Coaching Institute


Tilda Whitaker has mentored and coached thousands to assist and achieve their life purpose.  Her message is set to compel the attention of those who seek to discover their mission in life and desire to launch their destiny. Through her nationally and internationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization, P4 Coaching Institute, she trains leaders to plan, process and produce with purpose and to create global legacies. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  She started the ICF accredited P4 Coaching Institute 2 years ago to allow her to impart her knowledge on others and grow the coaching community. She is presently an ICF member, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner, and is Pastor of Soul Winners International Ministries-“SWIM”- a marketplace ministry.

Tilda has utilized the knowledge she gained through her career to compliment her ICF training.  As a non-profit administrator, as a program coordinator and as a grant writer and administrator, she has worked with leaders of organizations, municipalities and companies to drive projects to success.  It is this knowledge that has helped her develop curriculums for P4 Coaching Institute that encourage business, civic and community leaders to tap into their leadership talents. Her passion for the Christian community and work amongst the church community has allowed her to develop a Christian Mentorship curriculum that is parallel to none. Under her direction, P4 Institute launched an annual CoachCon – the only conference held on the southern eastern coast dedicated to the personal coaching industry.

Tilda is an award winning bestselling international author. She has authored “Essence of God’s Joy”, “Joy is a Gift” and “A Reason To Be” – Volume 1 & 2. She has also co authored “Soul Source” and “Unleash Your Shero”.  

To learn more, visit her website at


Bernice Loman; CEO Loman Creatives Services

 Bernice has a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Management and serves as the overseer, visionary and designer for Loman Creative Services, Loman Creative Marketing and MoTalents. She has a passion for social media marketing, business development, economic growth, as well as developing inspiring business owners, entrepreneurs and spiritual leaders. She is a Certified Solution Provider of Constant Contact, Certified Executive Business Coach and Google Certified for Mobile Websites. She enjoys traveling and educating with her fun-filled workshops and webinars. In her spare time, she enjoys youth & music ministry, composing music and spending time with family & friends


Meloney M. Miller; CEO M3 & Company


Meloney is known as Coach M3, “The Woman in the Back of Success.” Life will give you a plan if you don’t work the plan you have. Meloney has lived a life of examples. She uses her real-life “you can only make this up in Hollywood, Reality TV, or corporate America” stories to help others realize their ultimate selves. No more dreaming about possibilities while you spend your nights worrying about how to get there. Meloney has realized that living an “Unapologetic Life of Possibilities” is what is missing from most personal and business success. Her energetic, direct, humorous and real life “thick-skinned” approach to success leaves everyone with the GO NOW action. Meloney believes we spend too much time on who we are now versus creating the reality of who we want to be. The CoachM3 Xperience can cover the full array of emotions to help the individual or business reach their best existence.

Meloney has an extensive resume.  It includes many significant accomplishments such as being a regular Subject Matter Expert seen on WRAL an NBC affiliate (previous CBS affiliate) for several years.  She has generated millions of dollars in revenue and savings for employers and corporate clients.  She has helped creative talent grow international brands that are known to fans from The White House to Europe and beyond.  Meloney is rooted in her relationship with Christ, which allows her to blend spiritual and business conversations with individuals from various spiritual backgrounds. She sees her faith as a bridge and not a wall.  In between the great accolades have been HUGE losses, such as financial devastation and emotional emptiness.  Collectively, these experiences have made Meloney a crucial and critical conversations speaker, strategist, creative director, brand manager, business consultant and coach.  Meloney believes what we fear should no longer hide in the darkest closets.  “Cut the light on to your business, life and journey and give fear an eviction notice.  You can’t make any more time, so why not continue to live your best life with unapologetic possibilities.”  Meloney knows that her life is not her own and she is a vessel of service to those assigned to her.  Successful results, fulfillment of life and joy are the only reason you should engage the services of CoachM3.

What brings Meloney Joy?  Serving others, staying true to her relationship with Christ, helping others find themselves without smoke and mirrors, great food and her close family and friends, her “chosen family.” She finds true joy and significance when she can help her tribe known as “puzzle pieces.”  Dancing through life, traveling in great shoes and experiencing the world with those she loves is how she relaxes.  Oh, and how can we not mention that she LOVES anything in that “Little Blue Box” (or large box) from Tiffany & Co., Mary J. Blige, the world-famous Essence Music Festival, all things from “The Most Magical Place on Earth” called Disney and Oprah is her all-time favorite virtual mentor!

Our COACH CON '19 Speakers

Key Note Speaker - Shade Y Adu



I help you, the visionary woman entrepreneur, step into your greatness, create the impact you deeply desire, make a 6-figure income your new reality and build online brand empires. I will equip you to launch your greatness into this world with proven strategies that result in taking your brand global.
I’m committed to helping you create your FIRST $1000 all the way to your FIRST $100, 000 and beyond.
As a busy entrepreneur, full-time doctoral student and a world traveller, I have been able to create that reality for myself.
And I’m here to help you do the same. I had limiting beliefs and I was afraid – literally scared – to take risks. For a long time, I wasn’t able to knock out my limiting beliefs.

Deep inside I felt…

“I’m not worthy… I’m not brilliant enough… I’m not experienced enough.”
I don’t have what it takes.
And I kept living with this thought every single day…
“What will people think about me if I show up as the real me?”

I wasted a lot of time!

The self-esteem issues pulled me down and I wasn’t able to help the beautiful people I could help. I wasn’t able to build and expand my brand the way I desired.
Unfortunately, I believed in things about myself that simply were not true. And those self-limiting beliefs held me back from stepping into my greatness.

And there was a point when I was tired of

Not stepping into my purpose.
Being in my comfort zone.


Getting up early, working late nights and continually exhausted with headaches, neck pain and red eyes...

All because I went the DIY Style (Yup! DIY)

I was studying to get my doctorate while trying to get my online business off the ground. All by myself.
And what was I actually doing? Everything – but NOTHING AT ALL THAT HELPED.
I was consuming mountains of free content, priced myself less than what I should and did everything I was told.

And the result…
I lost the little bit of freedom I had altogether.


I dropped the “good” advice out there, worked on my mindset, let go of ALL THE RULES and FINALLY created a brand that I truly, fully, and honestly loved.

When I did JUST this…

· I went from $80 months of pure struggle to consistent $8K months of pure joy.

· I started effortlessly attracting clients rather than waiting for them to come to me.

· I began charging based on the value I bring to the table.

· I established a reliable monthly income and kept scaling my business without burning myself out.

I ultimately created a personal brand that keeps rocking online without any salesy or pushy marketing techniques.
I’m committed to helping you become the powerhouse you really are.


Erica Perry Green - Trainer


Erica Perry Green is truly a women who has risen from TRIALS 2 TRIUMPH!   An accomplished healthcare professional and business leader, Erica has an innate passion for helping others.  She has focused her career on doing just that.  As a graduate of The University of North Carolina's School of Public Health, Erica has worked in Corporate America, for over a decade, in Pharmaceutical Sales, Physician Training, Healthcare Sales & Marketing and currently as a Regional Healthcare Sales Manager, all careers that place her directly in a coaching and consulting capacity.

While rising through the ranks in Corporate America, Erica had a strong desire to own her own business and create a legacy that would out-live her.  For over 6 years, Erica has been successful in various business endeavors, ascended to top ranks in two global businesses and creating a network of thousands of business partners.  As a skilled entrepreneur, Erica has traveled the world, training and assisting new business owners in growing and developing their brand.  Erica is passionate about mentoring and developing successful entrepreneurs and educating others on multiple streams of income.

Erica is a master at turning tragedy into triumph!  After facing two tragic, near-death experiences, she recovered with grace, elegance and a powerful conviction that anything can be accomplished with GOD.  Erica strives to share her life experiences, in an effort to empower other women.  As founder of Trials 2 Triumph Coaching, Erica is utilizing her 15+ years of professional and entrepreneurial experience to bless other women; seeking to find their purpose, establish a nonprofit, strategically establish and market a business or rise in their professional career.  

With an intense passion for giving back, Erica founded SISTERS LIFTING SISTERS, a nonprofit focused on empowering women and children by bridging the gap between those who need assistance and their local resources.  SLS is a nonprofit serving WOMEN AT RISK, including single mothers facing homelessness and hunger and women facing health issues.  SLS is also a collaborative support network, bringing over 25 women and youth groups, organizations and nonprofits together to produce collaborative events and community service efforts.  To date, SLS has reached women across numerous countries and given back to support thousands of SINGLE MOMS and youth.  SLS is most proud of supporting 3 women’s shelters yearly, including food & clothing pantries, raising funds and supporting hundreds of women and children for Christmas.  As Erica is a strong believer of GIVING BACK, every SLS event gives back to support the needs of women within the community that they are serving.  Erica wants all women to know that they are not alone and too can RISE AGAINST ALL ODDS!  

In 2016, Erica launched SHERO MAGAZINE & SHERO PUBLISHING highlighting those women who are truly giving back in their communities.  SHERO salutes those silent community warriors, who often go unrecognized.  SHERO magazine also highlights women authors, provides health & wellness, fashion and coaching tips, within each issue.  Erica hopes that SHERO will help women document their stories, of rising from Trials 2 Triumph, to inspire others.  Shero Publishing helps women birth their books, leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Throughout all of her philanthropic endeavors, family remains first!  Erica enjoys traveling and spending time with her loving husband and business partner, Jonathan Green, and 13 year old daughter, Camryn Green.  Erica is proud to see young Camryn grow her own business as an accomplished youth artist and author.  She works hard to make sure that Camryn is raised understanding the UTILIZING YOUR GIFTS TO GIVE & EMPOWER OTHERS.


Regal Cameron -Trainer


 As an author, speaker, professional certified life coach and Owner/CEO of RTC Destiny and Regal Life Academy. I decided to step out in faith as well as my destiny to empower women to take control of their lives and heal from past pains. I am a veteran of the US Armed Forces/Regular Army and served 5 years & 6 months. I have an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts from Saint Leo's University, Bachelor's Degree from Strayer University in Business Administration Concentration Management and Professional Life Coach certification from P4 Coaching Institute that hold its’ ACSTH accreditation through the ICF International Coach Federation. I am now a Civil Servant working for the federal government for the last 10 years. Yes, I’m on my 2nd good government job as many would think. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for my job it pays the bills. The thing missing is that it is not my passion or purpose. It is a means to finance my purpose.  

     I started my business RTC Destiny May 14, 2016, because I could no longer sit on the gifts inside of me. Plus, the time had come for me to push past my fear of failure and look toward a future of success. Over the years, I have been through many relationships whether it be personal, family, friendship or associateship. Some relationships were good many a hot mess because I was a people pleaser.  Never looking out for me always making sure everyone else was taken care of no matter what. Until one day, I had an epiphany. An epiphany about my life, childhood, and broken relationships. I finally realized that all of the unforgiveness, hurt, anger, etc. from my past was stopping me from healing and thriving in life and purpose. I decided to let it all go! Some things left and never can back others were a process. I went through a process of healing and forgiveness. It is a continual process for me. I have learned to let deep hurts go by working through a process of forgiveness. My goal is to help women that are stuck, get unstuck so they can live a life of fullness as God would have them to live!!!!


Jacqueline Thompson -Trainer


acqueline Thompson is a Para-prenuer. By day, she is in the Corporate arena as a Technical Expert and spends most of the remaining part of her day as the owner of Penned Just Write which specializes in Coaching, Editing, Content Critique, Writing, Speaking, Ghost Writing and Graphics Design. She is the Administrator of the She Is You I Am You Facebook Community, founded by Cheryl Peavy and is passionate about helping others see themselves as God sees them! Her first book, Broken and Embracing the Journey was written to help individuals see Brokenness as a God Experience. Her next project is a 365-Day Focus Devotional Journal and another book collaboration…….stay tuned!

Jacqueline is a devoted Wife, Mother, and Mimi to four amazing grandchildren. She resides in the state of NC with her husband and you can connect with her on all platforms of social media via Jacqueline Thompson or Penned Just Write (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)


Consultant Tanya Dingle, JD -Trainer

With 25 years of experience Tanya Taylor Dingle has become a subject matter expert on the topics of business, process and policy.  Educated in the City University system at Brooklyn College and then getting her Juris Doctorate at the private Brooklyn Law School, Ms. Taylor Dingle has afforded herself of every opportunity to develop her skills and become “Number One at Being Your Number Two.” As a former NYS mediator and arbitrator, Tanya values being able to help business owners find self-sustaining and self-determining solutions.  She focuses on liability without losing her zeal for innovative and creative ideas.  Tanya brought her passion for marrying compassion with practical and sustainable business actions to M3 & Co. 4 years ago to help businesses become more sustainable.     


10/4/19 - 10/5/19

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10/4/19 - 10/5/19



8 am - 2:30 pm

3520 Bishop Rd Rocky Mount, NC

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9 am - 11 am Business Coach Bernice Loman; "Tech Trends to Advance Your Coaching Business"

11 am - 12:n Coach Meloney M. Miller; "Developing Unapologetic Coaching Business Success"

1:00 pm -2:30 pm PRIVATE VIP LUNCH  

8 am - 2:30 pm

3520 Bishop Rd Rocky Mount, NC



9:00 am - 5:00 pm

3520 Bishop Rd; Rocky Mount, NC 27801

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3520 Bishop Rd; Rocky Mount, NC 27801

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